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Automated Prose to Poetry Conversion

This Python program parses text and tries to paraphrase it into rhyming lines. It does this by replacing words with rhyming synonyms, rearranging phrases, and deleting non-vital words. The project resources are below. (The program was my class project for Stanford's CS224U: Natural Language Understanding class in Spring 2013.)

Presentation slides summarizing the algorithm (pdf)

Paper with full algorithm description and examples of output (pdf)

Source code (54mb)
Some functions in the code could be useful in other projects:
-Find synonyms of a word (using WordNet and VerbNet)
-Score quality of a rhyme
-Find rhyming synonyms of two words
-Identify deletable words
-Count syllables in a word
-Paraphrase a sentence to a desired length

The rhyme detection and syllable counting were based on code in Danielle Sucher's Nantucket project.